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White hat SEO techniques by Rhett DeMille

White hat techniques refers to the ethical practice of SEO. Rhett DeMille and his team have been practicing White Hat for several years and it's all they will ever do. Rhett DeMille realizes that by working "best practices," a website never has to worry about getting banned by the search engines. In addition, Rhett DeMille understands that white hat techniques create a strong pillar of success for an online marketing strategy. "Basically, white hat refers to the development of good content and quality inbound linking" says Rhett DeMille. Over time, the website grows in size and becomes a better resource for the website visitor because it has so much good content. Rhett DeMille and his team have optimized sites for hundreds of keyword phrases and only uses white hat techniques.

On the other hand, black hat seo refers to unethical seo techniques. Some firms out there practice black hat, but not Rhett DeMille's. Rhett DeMille knows that black hat strategy can get a website and it's content banned from the search engines and this technique must be avoided at all times.

So... we have learned a little about white hat and black hat seo techniques. In addition, we know that Rhett DeMille and his staff only do white hat for their customers.

Savannah Web Design-- by Rhett DeMille

Rhett DeMille
Savannah GA

Businesses in Savannah GA need an effective web design and Rhett DeMille and company have been designing web designs for several years. Rhett DeMille has personally been involved in the production of hundreds of sites and has several clients in the savannah ga area. If you would like to have a site built by Rhett DeMille and co., it would be one of the best decisions you could make. Rhett DeMille understands it takes usability, graphic design and a strong message to create a great website design for your business.

Rhett DeMille and Savannah Web Design is one of the greatest combinations for your business. In addition, Pooler Web Design and Rhett DeMille is good too.

Website development processes by Rhett DeMille

This narration by Rhett DeMille about development process.

Rhett DeMille has developed methodical website processes which help in the development of a website. Rhett DeMille understands that high level steps must be followed and strictly managed, otherwise the projects risks being late and over budget. The best way to build a site is to follow a process like Rhett DeMille has written. An effective development process has an integrated initial sales process, which can be used by multiple personnel. Rhett DeMille and team follow their own development process which has been developed in house and continues to be a work in progress.

Rhett DeMille says the standard type process is typically linear in nature, but some firms use the circular approach. The linear method is preferred over the circular as it has clear starts and clear stops.

Email marketing by Rhett DeMille

Email marketing, web design, Rhett DeMille

Rhett DeMille and company have been doing email marketing for quite a while now. DeMille says "normally businesses expect to get a .5-2% open rate on emails blasts. However, Rhett DeMille knows techniques to get that number much higher. DeMille has seen open rates close to 10%. How do you do that? Rhett DeMille sites factors such as effective subject lines, compelling message and length as major factors. Rhett DeMille thinks the industry will continue to morph into a better product as businesses create great content-- and not just "product talk." "Social networking sites like Facebook are good as well," chimes Rhett DeMille. "But, it will take some time to measure their true value as a markting vehicle, says DeMille."

Email marketing by Rhett DeMille

Website design and Rhett DeMille

By Rhett DeMille
Effective web design is a cornerstone in the marketing plan of any company. Rhett DeMille has been working in this field for several years and has been involved in the production of hundreds of websites. "Building a website is literally building a business on the web" says Rhett DeMille. As more people use the Internet, they expect sites to be aesthetically please, usable and to have a good message says DeMille. Rhett DeMille will continue to to build sites with these 3 pillars and Rhett DeMille will continue to try and help the industry by hiring good people and training them to the latest web standards. A great website design with search engine marketing can be one of the most effective investments a business can make. Let Rhett DeMille and his team create a great website for your company.

Rhett DeMille / Search Engine Optimization -seo

By Rhett DeMille
Search engine optimization can be one of the highest return on investment marketing programs a business can do. Rhett DeMille and his team has been doing SEO for many years and have optimized over 100 business websites. Rhett DeMille understands that factors include: on page optimization, inbound linking and directory submissions. When Rhett DeMille began search engine optimization, his efforts were initially mainly focused on keyword rankings and not the page itself. As an optimizer, DeMille quickly began to realize that SEO was an entire sytem-- and not just simply getting a keyword phrase ranked. Over time, Rhett DeMille and his team got industry keywords ranked, and more importantly, Rhett DeMille's clients earned revenue as the search engine optimization programs became better over time. Rhett DeMille will acknowledge that algorithms change, but "white hat" techniques are the best way to achieve the best results.
Rhett DeMille

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